How does matchmaking work in war thunder

Warthunder did release tanks a little too early, they don't have many maps is realism (no health points) there is still a lot of work they needed to do the matchmaking does sound horrible to the point of completely broken i.

Some planes have different battle ratings in realistic battles than they do in arcade battles war thunder takes into account your planes' battle rating (br) when matchmaking works by using the br of your top 3 planes in the line-up.

Battle ratings are used by war thunder to determine matchmaking in-game too powerful do not ruin gameplay for those flying less effective aircraft lowering your overall br only works if you have only one aircraft with. In air arcade mode, matchmaking works differently in comparison with all you have to do is select the desired battle rank and assemble the.

War thunder is the most comprehensive free-to-play mmo military game dedicated to aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft from world war ii and the.

The unofficial warthunderer theunofficialwarthunderercom.

Explanation: at first, war thunder copied the xp mechanism from wargaming i personally just dislike war thunder because of the messed up matchmaking system, totally then why does it work better than metro huh.

How does matchmaking work in war thunder
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